25 Aug 2015

Latest thrift finds!

Sooo I havent made any thrift hauls lately but ofcourse I have gone on thrifting adventures and there is a lot of stuff to show! I hope I didn't forget to take pictures of anything ^^''

First thing I want to talk about! I found this lovely nightgown while thrifting with my boyfriend, Its so cute and the colours are perfect *__*

Sadly the last owner cut the sleeves of for some reason and they didn't do it very carefully so I need to find some way to cover up the badly cut armholes.

Normally Im not really a jacket person but I really liked this one. Im gonna decorate it more with bows and pins.

When thrifting with my boyfriend we didn't find any ponies even after 3+ shops. But then in the last shop we found this one in a hidden box! She is so pretty~~

Finally found a pony with long hair that actually still had her long hair xD her hair is still pretty frizzy but Its not as bad as it was. She looked like a long haired perfume pony!

Random bunny plushies~~ I cant resist pastel coloured bunnies

This barbie ( without the shirt). I love her pink stripes~! The last owner gave her a bikini made out of... stickers... Ive spend quite some time to remove that from her body.

These bedsheets!! Normally I wouldnt think of buying secondhand bedsheets but these didnt have any sign they have been used at all. I still washed them twice to be sure but they seem like new!

A poochie plushie. Nothing really to say about this one, haha

More pastel plushies! I want to turn the bear into a brooch

The same box as I found a long time ago... but this one is yellow instead of purple. I already posted this beauty on my tumblr blog but wanted to post it here too. Look at that sticker! so cute

POPPLEE!! so excited when I found this one. I have to find a replacement for his nose though since its not the one he came with originally. It took me hours to find out what was off about his face xD

I looooooove G2 ponies! I only have 2 of them, this being my third. Look at her small crown jfkdlsjflkds I wish I found more of these

I hope you all enjoyed this pretty big update! Soon Ill be starting school again!
How about you guys? Are you looking forward to it?

x Cherry

21 Aug 2015

~~Bodyline Haul!! ~~ Also Im not dead!/life updates

Hello and long time no see!

Right now Im trying to write this blogpost with a small kitten asleep on my keyboard ( Yes I got a new small adorable kitty! Yay!). Im really sorry for not posting for so long! I've been really busy with my new job and my mom has been away on vacation for 5 weeks now so I have to do everything on my own at home which also takes a lot of my time ^^'' BUTTT HERE I AM. IM BACK! There is a lot of cute stuff I haven't shown you guys yet ( altho there have been sneak peeks on my tumblr and instagram) so at least I have some material to work with. Im also working on a big thrift shopping guide but that will take some time~ But for now there is a Bodyline Haul, so enjoy the pictures!

Bunny Ballerina Cutsew

I was positively suprised by this one. You know that shirt that you have had for ages and is almost worn out but you dont throw it out because the fabric is just so soft? Like the best comfy shirt ever? That is EXACTLY how this shirt feels. Its a thin ( but not see-through!) and super soft fabric. Its lovely. I just love this shirt okay. Also the bunny has an actual not-printed-on bow!

Unicorn Cutsew
This one is made of a bit thicker fabric but still really soft! I think the print looked even cuter in person than real life and the lace on the sleeves isnt scratchy to me ( always good on a bodyline product). Yes. Unicorns, Nice.

Bow Petticoat Skirt
So I already have one of these that my mom kinda ruined in her dryer so nothing special to say about this one. Its exactly as expected. I didnt throw away the ruined one, I use it to wear under this one since bodyline petticoats tend to be a bit see through.

Cat Onesie
This one is actually from the costume section! I have been looking at this for a long time but wasn't sure if I should buy it, until I saw the lovely Phoenix wearing it. I hardly recognized it with how good it looked in person! Its so soft and my small kitty loves it so much -w-

Cat Onesie... stuff

Armwarmers, Legwarmers and tail the onesie came with. I think theyre pretty cool and I hope I can make them work in an outfit somehow. The legwarmers are tight around the thigh but not TOO tight, Theyre perfect to keep the legwarmers up but not kill my legs.

Striped Socks
And at last these cute socks! Im not fond of knee-high socks ( I have ugly knees) but I figured I could wear these scrunched down for a loose sock/ legwarmer look instead of pulled up. We'll see how it works out ^^

And that was all! I actually also got a present for my friend but obviously I cant post it here since its ment to be a suprise >w<

I hope you all had a nice week and hope you are looking forward to my next posts!

x Cherry