28 Jun 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 15

☆ Day fiveteen: Something you or a friend made themselves

I make a lot of my own accessoiries and I actually want to get started on making my own clothes. But here are some things I already made:


Got two same sized hoodies and swapped out the hood and sleeves


All the felt brooches ( purple star, blue star, shoothing star, and two stars with a star chain between... I love stars)

This necklace ( Unicorn charm is from claires)

x Cherry

26 Jun 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 14

☆ Day fourteen: Do you have any hobbies that you could consider ‘Fairy-Kei’?

One of my hobbies is crafting stuff and I use that mostly to make fairy kei things xD I think that is the hobby that could be considered fairy kei since DIY is a big part of fairy kei.

I do have other hobbies that arent necessarily fairy kei but sometimes mix with it. Like when I draw I sometimes draw fairy kei things and when gaming I sometimes like to play cute games and dress up my character in fairy kei clothes and decorate my ingame home fairy kei style.

And another one of my hobbies that is 100% fairy kei is collecting toys. I collect toys from the 80's and 90's and sometimes more recent ones that fit my fairy kei style ^^ Right now in my collection:

polly pockets
Lady lovely locks dolls
Sky dancers
My little ponies generation 1-4
Fairy Tails

And some other things that arent specially vintage toys but fit my style like unicorn plushies, other glittery toys, fake ponies, fake care bears etc etc

That was all for today I think^^ Do you guys have hobbies that would be considered fairy kei?

x Cherry

25 Jun 2015

Another vintage toys haul!

Woa Ive been so lucky lately while thrifting O__O Its hard to keep up with everything I found!
As you may see from my latest hauls Ive been buying a lot more toys for my collections, rather than clothes. This doesn't mean Im not into wearing fairy kei anymore or anything like that. There is just not much my wardrobe needs right now. So if Ill be buying new clothes it will probably be a bit more expensive but also more special pieces.



As you may have noticed, the ones in the middle and at the left ( and the two towers) are starcastles I actually got a few weeks ago, but in different colourways. I bought these from a lady on the internet and because they were in different colourways and were in REALLY good condition ( still have all their parts) I figured it didn't really matter that I already had those.

Make up castle! The towers are hidden cosmetics ( lipstick and brushes) although they are all plastic

Jewelry castle! It contains a tiara, a necklace, a ring, a bracelet and sadly only one of the earrings

Seaside castle! I actually found this one while thrifting. It misses its keys and dolls and everything. Also one of the flags has been broken off but I managed to find it so I can glue it back!

~~ ponies ~~

At first I thought I had found my dream pony ( dream blue) but it was Piccolo instead. She is still adorable though and she came with this cute tutu.

Two cute baby ponies! Honolu-loo and Pink Sunsparkle.

Bowtie, On one of her hooves it says she is italian.

Ember, my first G1 baby pony


Some random plushies

A necklace! I dont find fairy kei-able accesoiries that much so this was a nice find.

My first Fairytail! She is named Tu Tu and has a picture of ballet shoes <3

This one was actually quite funny. Not so long ago I found a pink mouse version of this and now I found a yellow bear. In all my time thrifting I have not found a single REAL carebear but I keep finding this fake ones. 

And some hello kitty figurines for my army~

This was everything~ Im sorry for not going into much detail. I got sick this night and my head is too clouded to think of anything interesting x_x

x Cherry

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 13

☆ Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

Im so so sorry for being so late with this x__x all kind of stuff happened ( one of these things: my dad got married!! ) so I didnt have time >__< But here it finally is!

Stuff in my bag~

So I have two bags I use the most. My unicorn bag Ive showed you in my haul not so long ago, and a black bag from my emo/gothic time that I havent got replaced for something more fairy kei fitting yet.

These are some items that I carry in my bag ( sometimes all at once, sometimes just a few, it depends on what I need that day).

Pink 3DS XL
Make up bag
Strawberry coin pouch
Wallet ( also from my goth/emo time, I really need a new cute one)
Hello Kitty Lunch box

Aside from this I also have random stuff in my bag ( small plastic toys, lipgloss, candies, things like that)

That was all~~

x Cherry

16 Jun 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 12

☆ Day twelve: The craziest coord you’ve ever worn.

I dont think I have lots of ''crazy'' coords, but to make up for that Ill post some coords Im pretty proud of ( and if I ever think up an OTT crazy unicorn barf coord Ill be sure to post it here).

This coord for the school photo I was pretty happy with

Coord with the best hoodie ever

Anddd this is one of my first coords and even though I would do things different now Im still proud of what I came up with when I had such a small wardrobe ( shirt borrowed from my best friend haha)

I hope this made up for the fact I dont have a really crazy coord, ILL THINK ONE UP I PROMISE

x Cherry

Vintage toys haul~

I haven't been able to make posts about the things I got last month so now Ill make a big post of everything I got. Which is a lot.

First of all I got a lot of ponies! Here they all are:


Pinkie Pie


Keen Bean

Rainbow Dash

Cotton Candy

Star Swirl


Next up are some starcastles!!

Pink ( Yellowed to orange) castle, outside

And the inside!

The blue one

Aaand the inside

And the two towers that came with it

They are pretty discoloured and missing some parts but still very nice and sparkly.

And I got this two cuties! At first I only planned to buy Lady CurlyCrown but when I went to pick her up I decided I could also get Prince Strongheart. They were REALLY cheap ( 1 dollar).

Look at the two cuties

His hair was cut ( which I think is kind of an improvement) And he doesn't have all of his pixietails anymore.

She has some weird staining on her leg and is missing her shoes but her hair is still perfect and she has all her pixietails!

Pixietails, She is also wearing the Princes pixietails

This isnt exactly a vintage toy ( but the my little ponies are from after 2000 too so who cares) but I loved her colours! She is a skydancer remake.

The pony is one of the main reasons I bought it tbh

Last thing to show you is my new bag!! I love it so so so much and its really cute and soft!

Its horn is so sparkly!

haaaaaaaaaaaaa that was everything >w< Now Ive officially run out of space to put stuff in my room but soon Ill get a cabinet for everything!

x Cherry

15 Jun 2015

Animecon Haul and Birthday presents!

This weekend I went to animecon and it was amazing! Sadly I couldnt make a new cosplay ( hopefully next year!) but I still had a great time. I also bought some stuff even though the prizes for everything went up like crazy! Last year I bought a game for like 10-15 euros I think? And this year the same game from the same seller was 22 euro? BUT despite that, I still got some pretty great stuff!

Here is the stuff I got:

Pink bodyline hoodie with ears ( From some lovely lolitas who were selling lolita stuff)
Alpaca hat
Aniway magazine with sailor moon poster
Hello kitty plush
two rilakkuma bookmarkers that were actually free
Fat raccoon plush for my boyfriend

Close up of the alpaca hat and buttons <3

Hello kitty plush, pocky and magazine

And since it was my first time seeing my best friend since a long time she brought birthday presents <3

She got me a sailor moon chibi moon dress, a bunny plush from claires I really wanted and some bows for crafting! She is so nice and always spoils me with cute gifts ;__;

I hope you enjoyed! And stay tuned since I have a lot of stuff that I still have to show you guys!

x Cherry

14 Jun 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 10&11

Since I had a short break because of animecon this weekend I will do two since they are related anyway!

☆ Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

Haha, I sometime get compliments from people and I usually just say thank you and thats it. But sometimes people will just go on and on with the compliments and they will be like: ''ooh and your hair, you look so cute! and your dress is lovely too!'' And I will just stand there all flustered and be like t-thank youu >///<. But yes... thats mostly it ^^''

☆ Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?

I will just ignore them or glare at them. Mostly ignoring. But sometimes people dont only yell mean things but go a step further... x__x this happened to me last thursday. I dont think Im ready to talk about it but it was very scary.

x Cherry

ps: sorry for the short answers! Im soooo tired

10 Jun 2015

Fairy kei on a budget: ~~Bodyline~~

This months 'Fairy kei on a budget' is going to be just a little bit different then my usual ones. Untill now every one of them was about ebay, but today, I want to talk about another cheap source for clothes: Bodyline.

Most of you probably already know them since they are a populair place to get petticoat skirts and other things from. I want to talk about a few things I found on bodyline, some you might be obvious and some might be things you have not found yet.

First one is more obvious; cutsews. Theyre cute printed t-shirts that are made for casual sweet lolita outfits but are perfect for fairy kei! Here are some of my favorites.

I totally LOVE this one. The reason I havent gotten it yet, is because Im afraid the style of the sleeves won't work for my broad shoulders.

I really love this one in white, I might just get it, especially since its been priced down to 1000 yen

I have this one! Its supercute and one of my favorite shirts

Next up are petticoats! Those are really populair but sadly, the best ones are mostly sold out :(
Buuuttt they still have a lot of these plain-but-cute cheap ones. Perfect for hoarding some simple skirts in different colours, and if theyre too plain for your taste, You can always glue or sew on some bows.

These are some bags I found! The print is adorable and they're a lot more roomy then plush-backpacks.

Squirrel party is one of my favorite bodyline prints.

Also sweaters/hoodies/cardigans? Short cardigans are perfect for layering and bodyline sells lots of cute hoodies with bunny ears!

And now some things I found that might have potential for a fairy kei outfit

This bunny maid costume is pretty expensive but as soon as the price drops Im grabbing it. Just imagine the dress without the ears and apron, I think that might make a cute dress! 

This one Im not sure of, Without the legwarmers (?) and the arm things this might be a cute jumper/romper. But only if the colours are indeed as light as the picture shows. Anyway, it does look really soft and great as roomwear.And the arm and leg things could be turned into proper legwarmers. Oh ! I found this in the costume section by the way.

Okay! I think I got everything covered that I wanted to show you guys, If you have trouble finding something, I might add links just ask me! ^^

x Cherry