17 Apr 2015

Thrift store shopping, My first G1 ponies!

Hey everyone!

Today when thrift shopping I found my first ever G1 ponies! I'm really happy to have found them because I still wanted at least one G1 for my ( small ) collection. I have almost no room for more ponies now.

Wave runner: I found thise one together with sand digger. Her hair is still in curls but a bit frizzy so Im trying to fix that. Her hair changes colour in the sun!

Sand digger: Her hair was slightly better since it didnt have curls but just like wave runners, her tail was a complete mess. Her hair also changes colour in the sun!

Snowdrop: Found her at the bottom of a box full of plushies! Her hair is still in pretty good condition!

Hope you enjoyed! Also here is a pic of a lil guy I also found:

x Cherry

14 Apr 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list (5) ~~ And birthday presents!

Hey there!

Finally the weather is getting better here! I finally had the chance to wear something else besides long jeans. So here is my first spring outfit of the year!

Cap: Offbrand ( which here means: Ive had it for so long that I do no longer remember where I got it)
Icecream brooch: Got it at animecon
Two star brooch: Got it at animecon
shooting star brooch: Handmade
Necklace: Bluebird ( polly pocket)
Bag: Ebay
Bunny plushie: Primark

Shirt: Bodyline
Overalls: Primark
Socks: Secret shop
: Offbrand and handpainted

And here it is worn! I went with a simple hairstyle in the end ( left) and added a hoodie ( and put on my shoes).

Next thing I wanted to talk about is this weekend. This weekend I went to my boyfriends house. It was my birthday over a month ago but we hadn't had the time to meet up yet. So this weekend he gave me my birthday presents and they we're amazing <33

Look how cute it all is!! My boyfriend got so many hugs haha.

Now Im ready to catch some pokemons!

x Cherry

3 Apr 2015

Shopping with my mom!

Today my mom and I went shopping. It was really fun and we got really nice stuff and had delicious sandwiches for lunch. I even found some shorts which I still needed and really cute overalls!! So yes lets get on to the pictures!

First, some boring pants, haha. I just needed some pants ^^'' I also got a pair in light yellow but I accidently took the wrong size so Ill have to take them back...

These really cute overalls! Ive been looking for overalls like this for a long time and I finally found a perfect pair<3


And these shorts I found! I only have shorts in pink so Im happy I found some.

Aaand another pair of mint shorts. just in case. 


This is a really really cute make-up bag. Im not sure what Im gonna use it for but probably Ill put in my nailpolish and nailstickers and stuff! Or maybe Ill put in my handlotion and lipgloss that I take to school.

These were just too perfect I had to get them. Theyre really cute and soft <3 carebears aaaah!!

I love the h&m kids accessoiries. They have so much amazing stuff all the time and today I found this adorable unicorn.


And at last is this sweetie. I've been thinking about buying her for some time and today she was at sale and only 3 euro! Im totally gonna use her in one of my outfits.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Im really busy with my exams but I will probably make another ebay findings blogpost soon!

x Cherry