28 Feb 2015

~~Shopping haul~~

So yesterday I went shopping with my best friend, Thyra. We went to several thrift shops and ended our journey with going to primark. We got REALLY lucky while thrifting and we're really happy with all we have found! Here Ill show you what I got.

This jacket is one of my favorite finds! Its a beautiful lilac colour and though I wasn't very fond of the green text on the sleeves, I do love the blue text on the breast and it was my size so I just couldn't leave it behind. 

Next up is this amazing pair of pants. I didn't have yellow pants yet but i wanted to, and luckily these were just my size! 

We also found this supercute baby pink cardigan. It looks like it will be amazing for when the weather gets warmer.

At primark, I got this lovely raincoat! Its so cute I just can't wait till it starts to rain.

Also from primark: this cute lilac bolero. I might add a button or some kind though!

The first pair are legwarmers that we found in a thrift shop! We actually found two pair so we now both have a pair! The next two are pink and blue knee-high socks from primark and I was really suprised to see they had something like this.

And here we come to the toys I found while thrifting! This one is my absolute favorite of the toys, and maybe of the whole haul! I was so excited when I found this as I have adored popples for a long time. Its my first popple and apparently its an easter-egg-popple!

We also found two ponies: Sunshower and Luau. They belonged in a set together but we decided to both take one home. I got Luau and my friend got sunshower. They are in really good condition!

Last thing to show you guys is this pretty ring box! The ring didn't come with it but I put it in to make more clear what the purpose of this box is. I just love vintage plastic boxes too much!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Have you ever found something amazing in a thrift shop? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear everyones thrift shopping adventures!

x Cherry

15 Feb 2015

~~My birthday~~

Hello everyone!

Some might know that 11 february was my birthday! It was truly an amazing day, or days actually, as I celebrate my birthday at both my dads and moms house since theyre divorced. Both of them made it really special. I especially want to show you the cake my dad got me.

Its a fairy-kei cake!!! ( A fairy-cake? fairy-keike? No? Okay. ) I was really suprised by this and loved it sooo much. He used the drawings I made a few weeks ago for decoration! It looked so good and tasted even better, Im really happy he did this for me. I also got some more teacups, a cooking book and lots of chocolate! So my birthday was great and I can't wait until the next one.

x Cherry

7 Feb 2015

Fairy kei DIY: two-coloured hoodies

Heeyy there!

Today I finished the project I started yesterday: two-coloured hoodies! I was inspired by a populair Milklim hoodie.

I thought: what if I would buy two different coloured hoodies in the same size and swapped the hood and sleeves? That would be an easy way to make two hoodies less boring. And when I found two cute hoodies on sale ( One hoodie was 5$ ) I just had to try. Im really happy with how they turned out ^^

I don't have any pictures of the process as it was basically taking the sleeves off and putting them on the other one. I'm thinking about decorating the backs but I'm not sure yet.

Materials used:

Mint hoodie: 5$
Pink hoodie: 5$

Total:          10$

This could also be cute if you would swap out the back pockets on two pair of jeans ( something that I might try after making 2 old pair of jeans into shorts). I hope you liked this!

x Cherry

5 Feb 2015

Fairy kei on a budget: Ebay findings!

Soooo I've wanted to make this for a long time because I know a lot of people want to get into fairy kei but don't have a lot of money to spend on brand. I buy a lot of stuff from ebay and you can actually find some great things that work great for fairy kei there, So here Ill list some stuff I've found or bought and how I found them for everyone who wants to find cute stuff but doesn't to know where or how to find it.

Reminder: Unless stated otherwise, I have not purchased this products and therefore can not say anything about their quality or how thrustworthy the seller is. Gladly, Ebay is very easy to get your money back incase something happens. 

I found this cute dress when looking for 'bowknot dress'. To make finding things in the colours you want easier, you can select the colours you want in the search options on ebay ( In case you didn't know). I can totally imagine this with a cute pink top underneat and some patterned socks/tights and cute lolita heels.

$ 14,70

Polka dot skirt

A cute skirt that can easily be matched with a hoodie for a more casual look, or a cute puffy sleeved top for a more dressed up look. It looks like it could fit a small petticoat under to give it a bit more poof. I found this while looking in the skirt section with the words 'polka dot/polka dots/polka dotted'

$ 12,88

I have these in mint green and they're amazing! Really really cute. I'm not sure how I found them but I know you can find them by either searching 'star stockings' or just searchings 'star' in the socks section.

$ 10,99

This one has been on my wishlist for some time because I just LOVE shooting stars. Long time ago but I'm pretty sure I found this one using either 'rainbow' or 'shooting star/star' in the woman's clothing section.

$ 9,63

I love this hoodie so so so much, I have it... twice. Its really soft and comfy and ADORABLE. Also, the tail is detachable. This hoodie was found by searching 'bunny hoodie/ bunny ear hoodie'. When searching those words you can find lots of other fluffy bunny and bear hoodies!

$ 9,88

That was all for now! Maybe I'll do another one in the future because I still have a lot of cute ebay stuff to show you guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

x Cherry