28 Mar 2015

My inspirations


Today I want to talk about the people that have inspired me in fairy kei fashion. I really love how even when wearing the same style, everyone still gives their own twist to it. These persons mean a lot to me so I wanted to share them with you and tell what about them inspired me! ^^ Lets go!


Princess Peachie:

First of all, is princess peachie, She was one of the first people I stumbled across when discovering jfashion. When I first saw her it was mainly for lolita fashion and I got inspired to dress in lolita too! When I drifted more to fairy kei, I discovered that she wore that too!

Not only inspires she me fashion-wise but I also think she has a great personality and is an amazing person all around. And she is a game artist who makes supercute games, so thats a reason to look even more up to her as I want to become a game artist one day too.

What I like about her style: 

I really like how she has this mix between 'vintage toys girl' and 'magical school girl' I love how she mixes a seifuku or other school uniform elements with her outfits.


Even though she has left the fashion for some time now, she was one of my first inspiritations and still is. She made amazing videos that will still be a great help to beginners in the fashion ( I know they helped me).

What I like about her style:

I always thought she she has this supercute girly style. Girly, but also pretty cool. Also: this girls hair is just amazing.


Sadly she left the fashion not so long ago. I really loved her colourful outfits and pretty photos. Funny enough, at the time of writing this, Im wearing a hoodie she owned and sold to me when she sold all her fairy kei clothes.

What I like about her style:

Her outfits always looked very magical. I love how she mixed and matched colours and patterns! And the shoes she once painted herself were simply amazing.


I discovered mahouprince a bit later on actually, when I was already wearing fairy kei myself. They are still a big inspiration to me now! Like their name/url already says, they are truly magical. They also wear decora and tend to mix that with fairy kei. It really helped me to dare to experiment with outfits and go a little more crazy then I normally would!

What I like about their style:

I love how they mix fairy kei and decora. Im always amazed with how many hairclips mahouprince manages to put on their head!


Next up is this amazing girl. Still updating her blog every week and making new amazing outfits. She does a lot of reviews for shops and that includes small fairy kei shops with handmade stuff which I think is really great. I've found many cute shops thanks to her.

What I like about her style:

I really love how fun and girly everything she wears is. One of her latest blog posts was about pants with fairy kei which I thought was really cool because I also wear a lot of pants with fairy kei but most people seem to think It won't work?


I think most people will know this girl since she is the owner of 'Cute Can Kill' which is a really populair jewelry brand! She makes all the jewelry herself and it is really pretty, which is the reason her things always sells out in a few minutes, haha!

What I like about her style:

Though she doesn't post a lot of outfits ( or at least, not on her tumblr blog or where I can find them) I still really adore her style especially this outfit as I think its very simple but cute. I think she fits in this list of inspirations as I really look up to her how she designs her own things and I hope to own one of her creations one day.


This is a really really really sweet girl and I completely LOVE her outfits. Its so perfectly Spank! style and I wish I might one day learn her secrets of photo editing because the colours always look so good! I've been following her for a while now but seen her around the internet for much longer.

What I like about her style:

Her outfits are really Spank! style which I love. She has that perfect 80's look while still being cute as heck.


Lastly is this amazing sweet girl. She is one of my inspirations that I discovered as last. I think she is really great and she has made a lot of helpful videos for starters on how to dress fairy kei on a budget, which Im 100% a fan of.

What I like about her style: 

I love love love the 80's look that she has and that almost all her clothes are thrifted or handmade? Making your own stuff is something I have a lot of respect for and something that I love to do myself too. One day I hope to have as much handmade stuff as she does! ( AND AS MUCH AMAZING THRIFTED JACKETS )

That was all! I hope maybe you found new people to follow or check out and If you're not on this list It doesn't mean I don't think that you don't dress nice or you don't inspire me because you probably do but this is the list of people that have inspired me when I just got into fairy kei!

If you are on this list and you do not want your photo here please let me know and Ill remove it!!

x Cherry

25 Mar 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list (4) ~~

Hello there!

Here again for another outfit post! I really liked this one and I wore it for school photos today.
Im wearing a new skirt!

Headband:                      Claires
Necklace:                        Handmade ( with a charm from claires)
Long sleeved shirt:         Primark
Cutsew shirt:                  Bodyline
Skirt:                              Bought from lilacck's secondhand sales ( originally from bodyline)
Socks:                            Secret shop
Legwarmers:                  Thrifted
Shoes:                            Offbrand and handpainted by me

I hope you guys like this outfit because I sure do! I handpainted the shoes yesterday and might decorate them even further.

x Cherry

22 Mar 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list (3) ~~


Today is time for another outfit post! We went for a museum trip today and some walking around the mall. It was warm enough to wear lower shoes, or well, any other shoes than the fluffy snow boots Ive been wearing this winter but still too cold for tights. Anyway here it is!

And yes, I know I wear this shirt too much but I just love it so muchhdklfsjkls ( and it goes with everything!)

Hat:                                   Offbrand
Shooting star brooch:       Handmade
Hoodie:                             Pastelraindrops Sale ( brand is primary)
Shirt:                                 Primark pajama shirt
Skirt:                                 Bodyline
Pants:                                Offbrand
Legwarmers:                     h&m
Socks:                                Ebay
Shoes:                               Primark

I hope you enjoyed and I promise next outfit will be more interesting!

x Cherry

20 Mar 2015

Thrift haul!! Lots of magical stuff

Hey there everyone!!

Today I went for another thrifting spree and I found some cute stuff to show you! I hope this will inspire you to find amazing treasures too.

First of all is this really really cute unicorn ( pegasus?) plushie. It was so small I almost didn't see it in the big bag of plushies but his sparkly wings got my attention. He is sooo soft!

I was sooo happy to find this! Im not sure if its a starcastle but its pink and lilac and it has glitters all over it so it's good enough for me. I have to find a way to put new batteries in it because the lady in the thrift store told me it was a music box.


I was thinking about these glittery snowglobes last week, and look, I found one. This is one you can put a picture in so now Ill have to decide what to put in haha.

This I found in random boxes. Its just a small piece of polka dot fabric and sparkly pink ruffles but I figured I could make something like a bow or something from it.

I hope you enjoyed my thrifting haul! If you have good ideas what to do with the ruffles and fabric you should let me know! I appreciate every idea.

x Cherry

9 Mar 2015

A new thrift store, and a new haul

Hey everyone,

You may already know how much I love thrift shopping ( a lot ), And this weekend I found a new thrift shop in my neighbourhood! What made this thrift shop really special was that they had a big box of small... stuff... Barbie shoes and bags, wings from the old winx club dolls, lots and lots of brushes... It was a dream <3 So ofcourse I couldn't leave without getting a few things! So here is what I got!

First of all is this really cute hair barette! I love the color and I feel like Ive had something like that when I was little.

Im so happy I found these! I've been looking for small star hairclips like these FOREVER.
Sadly I couldn't find more of them.

This is a heart shaped locket. I have plans to make this into a cute necklace!

This is one of my favorite finds! She is so beautiful ;__; She is my favorite shade of blue/mint

You might already have seen this one on my tumblr blog. Her name is Rainbow Swirl and as you can see her last owner gave her a haircut. I dont mind though, I think the short hair suits her pretty well.

Just some pretty glittery hair elastics. I might turn them into something different.

This little cutie. I dont know what she's from but she is very cute and I might turn her into a necklace too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my thrift store adventures! And until next time ^^

x Cherry

3 Mar 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list ( 2 ) ~~

Hey there!

Time for another outfit post with shopping list. As you may have noticed, I am not making much mirror photo's lately, that is because my mom sold the closet that had a large mirror so we could buy a bigger closet so she could use part of it as storage. Sadly this means I don't have a full body mirror at the moment. My mom promised we would get one for my room but untill then, this should do.

This is an outfit I put together for an interview video that a girl in my school is making. Its about alternative clothing styles so she asked everyone to wear something special that really represents your style. What do you think?

Bunny sweater:        Ebay
Star shirt:                 Primark ( pajama section)
Mint skirt:                H&M
Star socks:               Clobbaonline/Secret shop
Legwarmers:            H&M ( kids section)
Shoes:                      Ebay
Big star Necklace:   Thrifted
Star necklace:          Handmade

x Cherry

2 Mar 2015

Fairy kei on a budget: Ebay findings 2!

Hello there everyone! Here is another 'Fairy kei on a budget: Ebay findings' post!! My last post about this got really popular and I got asked a lot to do another one so I decided to make one at least once a month. Soooo here is the Ebay findings post for March.

Reminder: Unless stated otherwise, I have not purchased this products and therefore can not say anything about their quality or how thrustworthy the seller is. Gladly, Ebay is very easy to get your money back incase something happens. 

Unicorn sweater

I found this cute sweater when searching 'unicorn sweater'. Its very cute and popular, and it looks really soft!


 Cartoon shorts

Cartoon shorts
Im actually not sure how I found this but I believe that it was when I was searching through cute sleepwear. Theyre pajama shorts but could easily be worn in summer as normal shorts. I love the pink my melody one!


Macaron socks

Lots of amazing things pop up when looking for 'sweet lolita socks', this being one of them.


Unicorn dress

This one seems a bit see-through but I bet that can be solved by just wearing a shirt underneath. Maybe even a crop top and some shorts for summer?


Heart mittens

Winter isn't really over yet so these mittens would be good to keep your hands warm AND cute. Or maybe for next winter if it's already too warm for these where you live?


I hope you guys all enjoyed! Please let me know if one of the links doesn't work anymore and you cannot find the product on Ebay anymore, Ill be happy to try my best to find it for you!

x Cherry