25 Aug 2015

Latest thrift finds!

Sooo I havent made any thrift hauls lately but ofcourse I have gone on thrifting adventures and there is a lot of stuff to show! I hope I didn't forget to take pictures of anything ^^''

First thing I want to talk about! I found this lovely nightgown while thrifting with my boyfriend, Its so cute and the colours are perfect *__*

Sadly the last owner cut the sleeves of for some reason and they didn't do it very carefully so I need to find some way to cover up the badly cut armholes.

Normally Im not really a jacket person but I really liked this one. Im gonna decorate it more with bows and pins.

When thrifting with my boyfriend we didn't find any ponies even after 3+ shops. But then in the last shop we found this one in a hidden box! She is so pretty~~

Finally found a pony with long hair that actually still had her long hair xD her hair is still pretty frizzy but Its not as bad as it was. She looked like a long haired perfume pony!

Random bunny plushies~~ I cant resist pastel coloured bunnies

This barbie ( without the shirt). I love her pink stripes~! The last owner gave her a bikini made out of... stickers... Ive spend quite some time to remove that from her body.

These bedsheets!! Normally I wouldnt think of buying secondhand bedsheets but these didnt have any sign they have been used at all. I still washed them twice to be sure but they seem like new!

A poochie plushie. Nothing really to say about this one, haha

More pastel plushies! I want to turn the bear into a brooch

The same box as I found a long time ago... but this one is yellow instead of purple. I already posted this beauty on my tumblr blog but wanted to post it here too. Look at that sticker! so cute

POPPLEE!! so excited when I found this one. I have to find a replacement for his nose though since its not the one he came with originally. It took me hours to find out what was off about his face xD

I looooooove G2 ponies! I only have 2 of them, this being my third. Look at her small crown jfkdlsjflkds I wish I found more of these

I hope you all enjoyed this pretty big update! Soon Ill be starting school again!
How about you guys? Are you looking forward to it?

x Cherry


  1. You certainly lucked out with the ponies!

  2. The 'Barbie' is actually a Hasbro Sindy doll. You're lucky, they're beautiful :)
    The G2 is Princess Morning Glory, she's my only childhood pony. I love her to pieces <3 You can extend her hair or tail by pulling on either one.