31 May 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ Day 2

 Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

A few years ago I discovered japanese fashion and tried experimenting with it ( very badly ofcourse) and Im not sure why but then I dropped it and just went full emo/scenekid for a few years.
After that I rediscovered it and also found out about fairy kei and fell in love with it. This time I made sure to do a lot of research before trying to wear it again. And then slowly started to buy more pastel coloured clothes.
Everytime I needed new clothes and went shopping with my mom I would look for pastel coloured clothes that would work for fairy kei. And thats how I slowly build my wardrobe to what it is today ^^ Because there isnt much else to tell lets throw in some photos from when I was just beginning!

This was actually a pretty cute outfit and I should wear something like this again. That skirt really was amazing but sadly I dont have it anymore because my mom spilled her hairdye on it ;__; It was such a cute skirt... thats still one of my fave shirts right there!

Im sorry this wasn't probably the most interesting story and Im not a very good storyteller but I hope you still enjoyed and please tell me your story in the comments :3
x Cherry

30 May 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ ☆ Day 1

 Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

Okay lets start with 5 things I like

  1. The overall look, the candy colours, pastels and 90's feeling
  2. the creativity, I love seeing everyone experimenting and having their own style
  4. I love collecting 90's toys 
  5. The community, everyone is so nice!

Okay and lets get on with the things I dislike
  1. The fact that not so many people wear it D: there are maybe like 5 people dressing fairy kei in my country ( and thats including me and my best friend).
  2. Almost no guys its really sad I wish there were more boys dressing fairy kei
  3. People who think dressing in fairy kei means dressing as an actual fairytale fairy... like your outfit is cute but its not fairy kei
  4. Peoples reactions on the street can be pretty annoying
  5. I have to wash my own clothes because my mom messes up everything that isnt black or almost black ( I dont really mind that much though!)
Sooo that was day 1 lets look forward to more... fun stuff
Thank you for reading!

x Cherry

29 May 2015

A new addition to my popple family and a life update


Yes I got a new popple today! And she is just adorable! Sadly she is missing her tail and one of her socks but I still love her. ( I took her one sock she still had of for the photo).

I was so lucky to find this one! Im so happy since this was one I actually really loved and wanted to have! It might be my favorite popple so far ( but I really love my small easter popple too so Its hard
to choose).

She has this cap/hood she can wear which you can stuff in the pocket on her back when she isnt wearing it.

I love her colours so much, and her eyes are so pretty. Just.... Ahhh *__* I keep staring at her

Ok next up is something I wanted to announce and that is that I will be doing the fairy kei challenge!!

But cherry, havent you already done that?

Ive indeed started once a long time ago but never got around to finish it and since my wardrobe and fairy kei experience has changed so much I figured I might as well start over.

Im a bit nervous because day three will be a video or photoshoot of my room which is something I promised a long time ago but wasnt able to because the limited memory space of my phone ( and I dont have a camera). BUT I have a memory card now that I will hopefully be able to use so there are no more excuses xD Im a bit scared to speak on video though.

And Im planning to make more outfits and do special 'themes' for them. So expect things like

  • 3 ways to wear one dress
  • budget outfits/price tag outfit
  • seasonal outfits
and many more ofcourse!

Here some extra photos I made with my new popple and other pastel plushies <3

I hope you enjoyed and see you soon!

x Cherry

28 May 2015

Fairy kei on a budget: Ebay findings 3!

Hello everyone!

* looks at todays date* Eep! Its already the 28th. Im terribly sorry for being so late even when I didnt get the time to do one last month >__< But lets start with this one!

Reminder: Unless stated otherwise, I have not purchased this products and therefore can not say anything about their quality or how thrustworthy the seller is. Gladly, Ebay is very easy to get your money back incase something happens. Also, I am not sponsored by these shops in any way.

I found this dress while looking for skater dresses. I think its really cute and I can imagine you could pin cute brooches to the straps and wear a cute blouse under it! Really cute for summer


Look at those slippers!! Theyre really cute and the only reason Im not buying them is because I already have two pair of fuzzy pink slippers... But the temptation is real.


Its plain, but I thought it was cute. It would make a cute summer dress and you can always make plain dresses more interesting by adding patterned tights and lots of accessoiries!


Ebay is filled with adorable kids hair accessoiries and these are just one of the many I found. Try looking around and Im sure you will find more!


I hope you dont mind me putting more hair accessoiries here but I just found them and wanted to show you guys. Besides, I usually dont put a lot of hair stuff here anyway ^^


I really hope you enjoyed and Im already working on a  'fairy kei on a budget' for next month. This time will be a bodyline version!

x Cherry

17 May 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list (6) ~~ Two outfits

Hello there!

Today was a really rainy day so I decided to cheer myself up by making some outfits to wear when the weather would get better. Theyre pretty simple but I hope you like them anyway.

Hat:               Offbrand ( some random shop)
Jacket:          Thrifted
Top:              Bought it at animecon
Shorts:          primark ( From pajama section, I added the lace)
Socks:           Ebay
Shoes:           Offbrand and handpainted
Brooch:        Handmade
Necklace:     Thrifted

Shirt:                                          Primark
Little twin stars shirt:              H&M
Legwarmers:                             thrifted
Socks:                                         Ebay
Shoes:                                         Offbrand and handpainted
Belt:                                            Ebay
Necklace:                                   Thrifted

The little twin stars shirt is so long I figured I could just wear it as a dress ( with shorts underneath just in case). I think It might look cute like this.

I hope you like them! Which one do you like more?

x Cherry

16 May 2015

Kingsday Haul

Hello everyone!

This is kinda late but I wanted to show you the things I got on kingsday. For the ones that do not know: Kingsday is a day in the Netherlands where we celebrate the royal house BUT it is also a day that everyone can sell everything they want on the streets ( free market), Which is obviously great for finding cute toys!

So my boyfriend and I went out together and here are the things I found:

A hello kitty plushie

a ''dutch'' plushie

this cute zebra! She has glitter hair~

This lil cutie, Im planning to make her a fairy kei outfit

a lalaloopsy, She will be a doll for my monster high doll.

This Jewelpet keychain, I got one for my best friend too because she likes jewelpets

minty!! She was on my wishlist and I was so happy to find her!

fluttershy~~ Her hair was a mess when I got her

I almost squeezed my boyfriend to death when I saw this one, haha! Another popple!

That was everything I got on kingsday. My boyfriend got some really nice steampunk stuff for his room so it was a succesful thrifting day! And the next day we visited some thrift stores and I found these:

and this one

Rainbow treat and breezie. They were in pretty bad state when I bought them, they both had paint splattered over them but I managed to get most of it of. Theyre so pretty now!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

x Cherry

7 May 2015

Life update and giant donuts

Hello there!!

First of all: Im really sorry for not being active for so long. I had exams and luckily these are finally over. Which brings me to the next: I passed! All of my!! Exams!! Yaay!! Which... brings me to the next thing; to celebrate my mom took me and my boyfriend ( who also passed all of his exams, yay him! ) to an amusement park. It was so much fun. But after a few hours it began to rain really hard so the rides all stopped, and while we waited for the rain to stop my boyfriend got me this...

Wait for it...


He won it for me at one of the shooting games where we waited for the bad weather to pass <3
He really is amazing *__*

At first we were like: yeah We'll just put it on my bed. But when we got home we figured my bed was a bit smaller then we thought xD

So now I have a giant donut next to my bed.

Lets move on to the rest of the updates:

  • It was kingsday here ( or as I like to call it 'fleamarket day') where I got lots of cute stuff that I will make a blog post about soon. 
  • And I missed the ebay findings post last month but Ill make one for this month!
  • I tried to make the room tour I promised but I didnt have enough memory space so Ill have to borrow a camera somewhere

That was all I think! Until next time!

x Cherry