13 Jul 2015

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆ day 19

☆ Day nineteen: 5 of your favourite toys.

Oooh my gosh this is going to be so hard xD To narrow it down a bit, Ill be only using toys from my own collection!

1. Starcastles & Polly pocket

But theyre both cute small pastel coloured glitter houses so they can count as one right? ;__;

I used to have polly pockets when I was a kid ( mom why did you throw them away )  but sadly I never had starcastles... I would've loved them. I just love tiny glittery dollhouses ^^

2. Lady Lovely Locks

A pretty recent obsession since I got my first ones not so long ago. I just love how magical their hair and clothes look!

3. Popples

Not sure what to say about these, theyre just really cute and fun coloured. And a bit derpy hehe.

4. My Little Pony

Who doesn't love these candy coloured ponies? I have about 20-30 of them but Minty is one of my favorite!

5. Sky Dancers

Sadly this is the only one I have, And its one of the newer ones ( but it had a pegasus so I couldnt resist). I really love those but I have the idea I should keep them far away from my boyfriend...

Of course I couldn't list all of the toys I own and love ( I also have unicorn plushies, my 80's  fake carebears, monster high dolls, and some random cute toys) and there are a lot of toys I adore but don't own yet ( like moondreamers, twinkle bears and brush a loves)

Im sorry I can't post these everyday! I recently got a job so I have a lot less time!

x Cherry

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