29 Jul 2015

Thrift haul~~ thrifting together with my best friend!

Hello everyone!

Its time for another thrifting haul~ As you might have noticed I got thrifting... A LOT. But Im also working on a fairy kei thrifting guide. I want to make it reaaaally big. Itll take a while to complete though since Im not really the best writer in the world and I want to make it understandable ^^'' But ofcourse Itll be posted here once its done.

This is a sweater I found a few days ago. It's a perfect 80's style sweater so I couldn't leave it behind despite the fact its REALLY big on me. The black writing says ' sport is an art'.

This is a castle I found while thrifting with my best friend! Its soooo pretty and the lights and music still work! Im happy to have found a pretty house for all my ponies.

The other side

Ponies having fun

Another gem! I actually uhm... found her body first xD But I managed to find her head too so now I only have to glue it so it stops falling of. Ive wanted Lady Lovely Locks for a while now and I can't believe I found her for only 25 cents!

And a small doll that also belongs to the lady lovely locks serie. Her colour scheme is gorgeous.

This cute fairy! She has a clip on the backside so you could clip her to your clothes or bag. Maybe even your hair but she is quite heavy.

And at last this adorable G2 My little pony box!

And the next items we're things I found today ^^

This cute pastel coloured teddy bear! I love his shirt.

Ofcourse couldn't resist this one xD I love unicorns!

This is a... milky peko bag? Im not sure but I recognized it because Ive seen it on the internet a few times so I figured I should just take it with me. 

And that was everything from the past few days/past week! I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I can finish my thrifting guide soon!

x Cherry

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