27 Jul 2015

International Harajuku Fashion Walk in the Netherlands ( And a shop list! )

Sooo maybe some of you knew about it, or even went to one, but this weekend was the international harajuku fashion walk!
To explain in short: Well known harajuku fashion icons from japan wanted to decide on a harajuku fashion walk that would be held in as many countries as possible! And this weekend ( 25&26 july) was decided as the date.

And the Netherlands joined too so I obviously went, with my best friend, and we made a lot of photos.

The walk started at 13:30 so we didn't have to wake up really early and could take our time dressing up and having poptarts for breakfast haha

My make up and hair for the day! Sadly you can't see most of my hairclips here but you can kiiiiinda see my big unicorn hairclip on my head. Which is really important because I was going for a unicorn themed outfit!

Thyra interrupting my selfie time.

Then we went to the bus stop, where Thyra took this fabulous photo of me.

Waiting for the bus~~

Ofcourse I had to take my unicorn bag for my unicorn themed outfit

getting close with the local bear statue

Aaand two photos I made of the group we walked with! I didn't take much photos because I was too busy walking and admiring everyones outfit.

But here is one of the group photos ( not mine)! Making up for the fact I hardly took any at all.

It was really so much fun to talk with everyone and everyone was so nice! I had an amazing time and there were lots of interested people who wanted to know why we were dressed like this. I really hope there will be another fashion walk!

So next up is the outfit rundown for the outfit I wore at the walk

Hoodie:                              Secondhand Facebook Sales
Unicorn shirt:                    Primark
Unicorn brooch:                Handmade
Bracelets:                           Offbrand, handmade and thrifted
Skirt:                                  aliexpress
two star brooch:                Handmade
Socks:                                Clobbaonline
Shoes:                                Offbrand and handpainted
Legwarmers:                      H&M
Backpack:                          Thrifted
Shooting star brooch:         Handmade ( but not pictured :'D )

Unicorn hairclip:                            Got it at animecon
Hello kitty bandage:                       Offbrand
Unicorn hairclips:                           Claires
Choker:                                           Katzenmietz on storenvy
polly pocket necklace:                   Thrifted
Unicorn necklace ( not pictured):   Handmade
Unicorn ring ( not pictured):          borrowed from thyra because I forgot my own but from claires

Also I dont have any photos wearing it, but I was also wearing an amazing face mask from katzenmietz that I will make a review about soon! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures~

x Cherry

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