16 Jul 2015

~~ Outfit post + shopping list (8) ~~ and Packages!!

Hello everyone!!

I've been really busy since I got a job ( yesterday was SO tiring!) plus my mom is on vacation so Im home alone which makes it even busier BUT, today was my day off and I got three packages today. It were two clothing pieces and I really wanted to make an outfit with them so here we go!

First, the things I got in the mail

I got this really cute hat secondhand on facebook. The brand is Dropdead.

Those are both from aliexpress! I love them so much! I love hoods and pastel colours and stripes OwO

And here is the outfit I made with two of the things I got, feat my cats bum:

Hat:              Dropdead
Hoodie:        Aliexpress
Top:             Primark
Skirt:            H&M
Socks:          Primark
Necklace:     Handmade

Thank you so much for reading!

x Cherry

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